Message from the President

Since its foundation in 1948, Yorozu has been committed to building trust with automakers, as a manufacturer of automotive parts focusing on suspensions

Suspension plays a key role in enhancing the ride comfort and stable drivability of cars. As its failure while the car is in motion may put the vehicle at risk of losing control and operability, suspensions are designated as “vital safety parts” that can only be made by manufacturers with engineering expertise in the field. Yorozu aspires to become a “suspension system maker” that engages in performance development to mass production of a complete suspension system comprising suspension parts and peripheral components. It will be achieved through strengthened development capabilities, innovation of Yorozu Production Way (YPW), and relentless pursuit of cutting-edge technology in materials and components.

The year 2018 marks an important milestone in the history of Yorozu. The company celebrated its 70th anniversary, and announced a second mid-term business plan - Yorozu Spiral-up Plan 2020 - for the next three years. A number of initiatives will be launched under the new plan.

Development of environmentally friendly cars and autonomous driving technology is bringing a dramatic change to the automotive landscape. In order to stay sustainable, businesses are required more than ever to keep up with the rapid changes, and bring out products that meet the needs of the times. “Product competitiveness” is the philosophy behind monozukuri, and “profitability” is the essence of business. These are the two wheels that drive the company forward. Yorozu will contribute to society and manage risks by fostering greater awareness of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in corporate management. We’ll continue to sharpen our competitive edge for sustainable growth over the next generation, as we look to celebrate the 100th anniversary with you all

President, Member of the Board
(COO) Ken Shido