Origin of the Yorozu Name

Established as Yorozu Automobile Works in 1948

The Japanese kanji character for yorozu in the original company name is a word with strongly positive connotations, meaning something along the lines of “myriad” or “everlasting.”

During recruiting in the early 1990s, there were many students looking for jobs who could not read this character as yorozu; it is more commonly read as man. Moreover, the press sometimes used a simplified version of the character when writing the company’s name.

Given these factors, in June 1990 the company name was changed to Yorozu Corporation, and instead of using the complicated kanji character for yorozu, the written form of the name was changed to katakana characters, which are a phonetic writing system. This easy-to-read name makes the company more approachable and was deemed appropriate as the company name for a new era.

Corporate Emblem

In 1998, the company established its corporate emblem in order to reflect its resolve to clear the way for a new era, revitalize its organization, and motivate its employees.

The emblem was chosen from among designs submitted by Yorozu’s employees.

It is used with great care as a symbol of the Yorozu Group’s strong ties, including its sites in Japan and around the world.

A key feature of the design is the use of 5 diagonal lines sloping upwards to the right in the second “o.” This expresses the company’s determination to pursue progress and growth on all five continents. Alphabet lettering was used to give a youthful impression (to Japanese eyes) and a bold gothic font conveys dynamism. The blue color emphasizes refinement and positivity.

The origins behind the company’s name and corporate emblem will convey to future generations the company’s aspirations dating back its establishment and its resolve to continue evolving and growing as a global corporation.