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Engagement with Stakeholders

Engagement with Shareholders and Investors

Our basic management stance at Yorozu is to engage in fair and transparent corporate activities based on high ethical standards and respect for the law. We will engage in communication with shareholders, proactively disclose corporate information accurately and impartially in a timely and appropriate manner, and rise to the expectations of shareholders and investors in order to deepen understanding of the Yorozu Group.

Plant Tours for Shareholders
We hold an annual plant tour for shareholders in order to give them a better understanding of our business. The event includes an explanation of the company’s business conditions and a tour of a manufacturing plant to deepen shareholders’ understanding and interest. We will continue working to proactively disclose information to shareholders through these kinds of initiatives in the future.
Communicating with Investors
We hold meetings, IR seminars, and offer tours of our factories in order for analysts and investors to better understand the company’s financial situation and business strategy. We also provide one-on-one interviews with analysts and investors. In addition, we have created a page containing information pertinent to our private investors. From the home page, please select ‘Investors.’ At this time, the page may only be accessed through the Japanese website.