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High-precision suspension members for stable driving on a straight course even at 300 km/h

Front suspension member

Rear suspension member

High precision!
2/3 of the previous dimensional tolerance range achieved through a complex 6-point mount-type pipe frame structure!

High levels of stiffness to yield the world’s top driving form and high precision that ensures accurate movement in the high-speed ranges---these were the demands placed on the suspension members used in Nissan’s world-class GT-R super sports car.
Read on to learn about Yorozu’s impressive production engineering prowess. These capabilities have given birth to suspension members with a complex structure that employs “6-point mounts” and “pipe frames” to ensure a high degree of stiffness with 2/3 of the previous dimensional tolerance range.

What are front and rear suspension members?

The front and rear suspension members are installed underfloor in the front and back of the vehicle. They serve as a frame that, in addition to the suspension links, supports the steering gear box and engine (front) and the differential gear with attachment points (rear).
They must have the strength and stiffness to withstand the various forces from the tires through the attachment points, and are equipped with impact absorption in case of collision.