Procurement Policy

Consultations and Reports from Suppliers

Content for Which We Accept Consultations and Reports
  • (1) Specific legal violations, such as violations of the Act on Subcontracting and the Antimonopoly Act, and matters related to unfair practices
  • (2) Compliance issues related to the manner and conduct of Yorozu’s employees
About Consultations and Reports
If we receive a consultation or report, we will contact you via email or telephone to acknowledge receipt of such. (There may be a delay in contacting you at certain times, including before and after weekends and holidays, the year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week holidays, and summer holidays.) Depending on the content of the consultation or report, we may conduct an investigation of the facts of the situation and take corrective measures if necessary. While we will accept consultations and reports submitted anonymously, doing so creates limitations on our ability to investigate the facts and contact you concerning the results. We therefore ask that you include your name if possible.
About Protection of Persons Who Consult With or Report to Us
We will abide by strict secrecy regarding matters that should be kept confidential, including your name and privacy. In addition, you will not experience any detriment in trade as a result of using this means of contacting us. Notes:
1. Please be aware that we may not be able to respond to your consultation or report if you did not enter your information correctly, or depending on the content of the consultation or report.
2. We will only use the personal information that you submitted to contact you and if needed in responding to the issue and will not use it for any other purpose.
Contact Address
General Affairs Department
Yorozu Corporation
Address :3-7-60 Tarumachi, Kohoku-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa-ken, 222-8560 Japan