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Procurement Policy

The Yorozu Group is committed to establishing mutual trust with suppliers based on its Procurement Policy and Five Principles of Procurement. At the same time, we aim for mutual harmony and benefit as good business partners.

Procurement Policy

  • 1.Compliance with the Automotive Industry Fair Trade Guidelines
  • 2.Optimal procurement on a global level at the most competitive quality and prices
  • 3.Promotion of green procurement based around a shift toward products free from hazardous chemical substances

Compliance with the Five Principles of Procurement

  • 1.Principle of open, fair, and impartial trade
  • 2.Principle of enhancement of competitiveness through unity with suppliers
  • 3.Principle of mutual harmony and benefit with suppliers
  • 4.Principle of sharing challenges and goals in cost-related activities and of sharing results
  • 5.Principle of ensuring communication based on mutual trust