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Environmental Preservation

Environmental Principle

"Be grateful for the blessings of nature and aim to grow in harmony with the global environment."

Yorozu Global Environmental Vision for 2040

Yorozu Group will take proactive action to solve environmental issues in order to contribute to the enrichment of the lives of people around the world.

  • ・Regarding Climate Change :We will challenge to become carbon neutral by 2040.
  • ・Regarding Resource Circulation :We will make thorough and effective use of limited resources to ensure sustainable recycling.

Environmental Policy

  • 1.Climate change measures: products, production, and entire supply chain)
  • 2.Waste management, chemical substance management, biodiversity conservation
  • 3.Water resources management
  • 4.Comply with social requirements, and maintain and improve the environmental management system

Mid-term Goals

  • 1. Reduce CO2 emissions in production processes : FY2030: Reduction by ▲50% (compared to FY2013)
  • 2. Manufacturing with less energy/resource consumption
  • 3. Waste management (emissions, reuse status) :Reduce impact of waste on ecosystems
  • 4. Appropriate management of water quality and water consumption
  • 5. Reduction of environmentally hazardous substances
  • 6. Compliance with requirements (zero environmental accidents)
  • 7. Enhancement and continuous improvement of the environmental
  • 8. Cooperation and coexistence with local communities
  • 9. Proactive exchange and disclosure of information on environmental conservation