Message from the President

Yorozu was founded in 1948 as Yorozu Automobile Works, renamed itself to Yorozu Corporation in 1990, and has gained the trust of many automakers in and outside Japan through its dedication to technology as an automotive parts manufacturer focusing primarily on suspensions.

The company’s outstanding development capabilities give it an unparalleled leverage over other competing suppliers in the industry. Yorozu’s strengths are built on the foundation of its distinctive total production system that allows the entire process of part designing and development to be conducted in-house; from market research, concept planning, designing, analysis, prototype development, and to testing. Since its transformation to an independent parts maker, the company has expanded its business to all domestic automakers and overseas makers such as Renault, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, and Volkswagen, which further strengthened our development capabilities.

Yorozu has also rolled out new technologies for stamping and welding methods, taking the industry by surprise. As a result, we have earned an excellent reputation from customers around the world for supplying suspension parts with an outstanding competitive advantage in terms of performance, weight, and price that we achieved through our one-and-only, latest design technology and manufacturing expertise. We also owe our strengths to the success in ensuring equal quality worldwide through innovation of Yorozu Production Way (YPW).

Meanwhile, the automotive industry is required to respond to the global imperative of realizing a decarbonized society, often referred to as carbon neutrality, by implementing specific measures. All car manufacturers have been swiftly accelerating the adoption of strategic alliances and technological innovations to embrace electric vehicles (EVs). At Yorozu, as a member of the automotive industry, we also find ourselves in the challenging environment of this struggle for sustainable growth.

In the midst of such a tough situation, each and every Yorozu employee, fueled by a strong and exciting desire, has been working closely in their respective positions to refine their senses as well as their skills of thinking and acting out of the box to adeptly respond to global shifts and create new values.

As I steer the company into the future, my determination is to ensure that Yorozu ceaselessly supplies automotive makers with our superb suspension parts, renowned for being safe and secure with outstanding quality and comfort while remaining cost-competitive. By offering products that embody the latest technology for decarbonization, we will solidify our presence in the age of electrification. Through these initiatives, I am committed to contributing to society and meeting the expectations of all stakeholders as their preferred choice. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and guidance, which will take us to new ground.

Tsutomu Hiranaka
President and COO
Member of the Board
April 2024