Executive Officers


Chairman, Member of the Board (CEO) Akihiko Shido
Vice Chairman, Member of the Board Ken Shido
President, Member of the Board (COO) Tsutomu Hiranaka
Executive Vice President, Member of the Board (CFO) Norio Hirano
Outside Director Masashi Oshita
Outside Director Hiroshi Moriya

Members of the Audit and Supervisory Committee

Member of the Board (Standing) Satoshi Miura
Member of the Board Chiaki Tsuji
Member of the Board Chieko Ogawa

Vice Presidents

Executive Vice President (EVP) Chikara Haruta
Executive Vice President (EVP) Masashi Yamada
Executive Vice President (EVP) Hiroshi Kume
Executive Vice President (EVP) Kunihiro Nishihara
Executive Vice President (EVP) Yasuhiko Hirafune
Senior Vice President (SVP) Ryozo Ikeuchi
Senior Vice President (SVP) Yuji Hishida
Senior Vice President (SVP) Hiroshi Izumiyama
Senior Vice President (SVP) Yuji Tanaka
Senior Vice President (SVP) Takeshi Yanagisawa
Senior Vice President (SVP) Takahiro Watanabe