Global Quality Control Circle Improvement Presentation Meetings

Yorozu holds global meetings to present improvements made by quality control circles.
Throughout the Yorozu Group, we work to activate our capability to make job site improvements and enhance our human resource development based on a bottom-up approach.
In 1986, Yorozu began holding meetings at sites in Japan for quality control circles to present their improvements. Since 2005, we have been using a live meeting system to share the presentation files with all global sites and broadcasting the presentations live as a global training opportunity. Using this system, the improvement presentation meetings are conducted with the participation of about 350 people, including those at the presentation venue plus around 150 people at global sites.
Through its global quality control circle activities, Yorozu actively strives to hone the thinking abilities and creativity of each and every employee, including those in back-office sections as well as those on the production floor.

Winning team at the Fiscal 2014 Global Quality Control Circle Improvement Presentation Meeting: Yorozu Oita