IR Policy

As a publicly traded corporation, Yorozu aims to meet the expectations of stockholders and investors (henceforth jointly referred to as “investors”) by continually endeavoring to maximize company profit. We therefore seek to disclose information regarding financial results and future prospects in a clear, accurate, and timely manner. To this end, Yorozu actively promotes IR activities in order to provide further opportunities for investors and the general public to better understand our business activities.

1. Proactive promotion of IR activities
In order to accomplish the goals described above, top managers at Yorozu will personally send information concerning financial results and future prospects to investors, analysts and so on.
2. Disclosing of information in a fair and timely manner
In accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and the Timely Disclosure Rules set by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, Yorozu endeavors to report information in a timely, clear, and fair manner to the general public and to all relevant stakeholders.
To avoid discrimination in the quality and quantity of information provided to relevant parties, we will not disclose information that has not been made publicly available under any circumstance.

We are working to expand the distribution of information online so that the same information will simultaneously reach as many stockholders and investors as possible.
3. Performance forecasts and forward-looking statements
Certain documents published by Yorozu (including those on this website) may contain plans, forecasts, outlooks, strategies and other statements that do not constitute historical fact. These statements reflect preliminary assumptions about future events and are based on information available at the time of their creation. As such, please bear in mind that actual performance may differ greatly from these statements due to a number of factors. We kindly ask that you refrain from depending entirely on this information when predicting our business performance.
4. Use of this website
When using information on this website, we ask that you read both this page and the disclaimer (link) which is located on a separate page.