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Engagement with Stakeholders

Engagement with Local Communities

Basic Stance

Our basic management stance at the Yorozu Group is to engage in fair and transparent corporate activities based on high ethical standards and respect for the law. We strive to earn the trust of every one of our stakeholders in line with this commitment.
Each company in the Yorozu Group is aware of its responsibilities as a good corporate citizen in the international community. As such, all the companies make efforts to actively contribute to society in a spirit of cooperation and solidarity with the local community.
Projects aimed at communication with local communities include plant tours and cleanups involving organizations such as schools, neighborhood associations, community councils, and industrial parks, as well as volunteer activities in which executives and employees participate. Going forward, we will continue to build good relationships with local communities in an effort to co-exist in harmony.

Examples of Communication by Yorozu Group Companies

  • ・Plant tours
  • ・Festivals aimed at community exchange
  • ・Employee blood drives
  • ・Cleanups of areas around business sites by employees
  • ・Participation in activities organized by local community councils and neighborhood associations